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Here is a short example of how MY VOICE can hide the vocal on a CD track.  These demo links are MP3 files.


Demo MY VOICE Hides the main vocal

MYVOICE  EXPRESS - CD Vocal removal software

MYVOICE window


Product information.

MYVOICE EXPRESS - is the MYVOICE Software version 2 - and ships as software only - that is, there is NO microphone included in the package.

  • Mask the singers voice on an audio CD in real time!
  • Change key (pitch) without affecting tempo
  • Change tempo (speed) without affecting pitch
  • Use built in studio effects and do remixes
  • Karaoke function with synchronised scrolling of words
  • Ripper function converts CD tracks to WAV or MP3
  • Record your own voice, remix and save as WAV for CD burning.
  • Recommended Retail Price $49


    Updating early versions of MyVoice.

    To Update MyVoice to the latest version you can go to the start button, choose all programs, go to the myvoice group, and choose Un-installation and Updates of MyVoice.  From this link you can update your program.

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